Panchamukhi Ganesha

Mama on Palette

Panchamukhi Ganesha

About Artwork

The painting “Panchamukhi Ganesha” is depicted in Pattachitra style. Every brushstroke tells a story, immersing viewers in the rich heritage of this ancient art form of Odisha, India. The dancing poses capture the joy and vitality of Lord Ganesha through dynamic movements symbolizing the rhythm and harmony of the universe.

Artist Profile

Samiksha Mishra is an alumna of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India and has worked in Textile Designing and Merchandising. Her unique blend of skills in surface embellishment, print design, tie and dye, and batik techniques are beautifully reflected in her paintings. Drawing inspiration from Indian Traditional Art, Chinese Painting, and Acrylic Painting, she has developed a rich and eclectic artistic style that has captivated audiences in both India and Singapore. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Samiksha, is deeply committed to giving back to the community. As a volunteer for various art programs in Singapore, she shares her talent and knowledge with others, fostering a love for art in the community. Her dedication to nurturing creativity led her to establish the Samiksha Art Studio, a vibrant space that serves as a creative hub for art students and enthusiasts alike. Through her studio, Samiksha provides a nurturing environment where budding artists can explore their passion and express themselves freely. As well as with her infectious enthusiasm and creative spirit, she continues to creates handmade gifts and cards for special occasions.


Samiksha Mishra




61cm X 61cm