Non Sun II
Non Sun II

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Non Sun II

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Detail of Non Sun 2, 2023, Oil on canvas, 120 x 180cm


Özer Toraman’s Non Sun 2 sees the artist experimenting with new compositions and objects, such as the trio and their belongings, which sets this series apart from his earlier works. This time, Toraman opts for pastel hues and emphasises the textured folds of clothes to render his travel memories more vivid. Staying faithful to the tradition of oil painting, Toraman demonstrates his command of sfumato, a technique involving the blending of colours for a soft transition.

The neat separation between the painting’s background and foreground, mimicking that of photography, highlights the artist’s mastery of the medium.

Artist Profile

Berlin and Istanbul based Özer Toraman (b.1989) creates figurative paintings that tell stories of urban life, the body, human identity and gender. New paintings that represent personal avatars, couplings, and everyday social exchanges inspired by urban life. Together, they articulate limitless capacity to represent imagined states, memories, aspirations, and emotions.


Özer Toraman


Oil on canvas


120 x 180 cm