I Am Not I Am #1, #2

Gajah Gallery

I Am Not I Am #1, #2

About Artwork

In rendering da Vinci’s iconic image and frame in a translucent grey resin, Lee’s I Am Not I Am #2 seemingly gives more emphasis to the play on light and darkness embodied by the chiaroscuro technique developed by Renaissance masters such as Da Vinci himself. With I Am Not I Am #1, Lee recognises another technical mainstay in painting – the use of perspective and its development

Artist Profile

Recognised for her wall-based works that blur the lines between painting and sculpture, Jane Lee masterfully highlights the tactility of her materials, whether she’s working with paper, canvas or concrete, to create illusory works that challenge and expand audiences’ perceptions of reality.

In her Masters series, Lee references iconic ‘masters’ in western art history, from Johannes Vermeer to Piet Mondrian, that had subconsciously influenced her while she trained as a painter. Yet, as she emphasises their colours and textures and transforms these paintings into highly tactile, three-dimensional pieces, she removes the hallowed, aloof air often surrounding the actual ‘masterpieces’ in prestigious museums, and instead encourages viewers to engage with them in a relaxed way, as if they were ingrained in the everyday.


Jane Lee


Digital Print on Acrylic with Resin Frame


67 x 60 x 18 cm