Endless Genesis
Endless Genesis


Endless Genesis

Artist Profile

Chen Yi Quan (b, 1982, Singapore) is a self-taught painter. Yi Quan obtained a degree in psychology from the National University of Singapore and is of Teochew-Hakka descent. His interest in painting was first piqued by the Nanyang style painters; the Balinese Barong, by Singaporean artist, Cheong Soo Pieng. This led to a further exploration of the works of European painters such as Gauguin, Cezanne, and Chagall, as well as the cubist tradition. Well situated in an environment that represents a meeting point between China and Western thought, in terms of language and culture in general, he began a careful study of the classical Chinese painters through to the modern masters. This eye on the hybridisation of forms, pluralism, and the pursuit of relatability with the viewer ultimately showed up in the use of Chinese ink, perhaps functioning as a conduit for his questions on ethnicity, identity, and aesthetics in post-Lee Kuan Yew Singapore.


Chen Yi Quan


Acrylic on Canvas


69cm x 87cm