Mama on Palette


About Artwork

EMERGE, an abstract painting, depicts the resurgence of colours in our lives following the sanitized and inward focussed period during the peak of COVID. The white symbolizes the sanitized and secluded life at that time. The return of normalcy, after an extended period, is represented by the vibrant array of colours; pushing aside the sanitised white and bringing a burst of life back into our existence.

Artist Profile

Nature, texture, colours and the juxtaposition of the various colours, and patterns inspire me and these elements will reflect abundantly in my creations. I like experimenting with various mediums and tools. Keeping the subject/theme central, I choose the medium that best suits the painting. Learning and experimenting is a constant with me and I keep expanding my boundaries as an artist through various courses (Western Abstract and Ceramics courses from NAFA being the latest). I like to work across various styles: figurative, realistic, semi-abstract and abstract. Delving into abstract art has opened up another dimension of art exploration for me. It has given me the wings to explore and the freedom to experiment. At the same time, it challenges me to understand myself, my feelings, knowing when I need to stop putting my thoughts on the canvas. I hope to keep exploring this medium and share it with the rest of the world as I go along.


Aparna Chakravarty


Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.


91cm x 91cm