Blooming Serenity

Mama on Palette

Blooming Serenity

About Artwork

Blooming Serenity” emanates an aura of calmness and tranquility, beckoning viewers to submerge themselves in its serene essence. With its portrayal of growth and renewal, the painting serves as a symbol of nature’s perpetual evolution, reflecting the ever-changing cycles that define our world. It transcends mere visual representation to communicate with the soul, providing a sanctuary where one can find solace and forge a profound connection with the splendour of the natural realm

Artist Profile

Ashwini is Singapore-based contemporary impressionist artist Ashwini Prasad Krishnamurthy specialises in abstract and landscape art. She paints spontaneously and intuitively creating an art form that is uniquely her own. Her paintings are characterised by the vividness and a personal vibrant color scheme, which distilled over the years, makes her art endearing. Her work is held in private collections in Singapore and around the world. Artist Statement "Art empowers me to challenge my inhibitions, imagine possibilities and trust my own instincts and every painting to me is a journey of self-discovery. It's the happy accidents, the silent conversations and the pure joy of embarking on an unknown adventure that draws me back to the canvas. In my creative journey, the arrival home means very little; the journey means everything!"


Ashwini Prasad Krishnamurth


Acrylic on Canvas


100 cm x 70 cm