Birth of a Star

Mama on Palette

Birth of a Star

About Artwork

Whether its blossoming of a flower or birth of a star, the power of creation works at its best and is equally mesmerising in every formation. It may look stormy from far, if looked into its eye, it will exhibit calmness and oneness

Artist Profile

Yashika, a multifaceted individual, embraces various roles including that of an abstract artist, a devoted mother to a lively three-year-old, an avid yoga practitioner, and a former Business Process Consultant at Singtel. She navigates realms that transcend our ordinary senses, immersing herself in the exploration of actions, thoughts, intentions, and emotions that exist as ethereal energies. She strives to capture and convey these energies in her artworks, allowing viewers to connect with them and experience their own emotional responses. She studied the Abstraction course at NAFA Singapore, retiring from her 10 year corporate career to dedicate her life to her artistic calling while focusing on her inner self through yoga. She actively likes to offer some of her time to volunteer in art and yogic communities which helps her clear her mind off worldly affairs. Her artistic expression is nurtured by the exuberant chaos and limitless imagination found in motherhood, as well as her transformative experiences in the realm of yoga and meditation. Yashika employs a diverse range of lines to convey the flow of these energies in her artwork, skilfully weaving textures and layers to create charged spaces that overlap. Rejecting the constraints of the mind, Yashika opts for a raw and intuitive creative process using all kinds of medium. While she relinquishes the role of sole interpreter, her artworks abundantly exude vitality, intricacy, and a profound stillness amidst their complexity.


Yashika Aggarwal


Mixed Media on a stretched Canvas on a frame


122cm x 91cm x 3cm