A Little Talk: Barcelona

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A Little Talk: Barcelona

About Artwork

‘I love to travel. Travelling to me is an act that simultaneously brings different emotions such as excitement and loneliness. My works show different images of the places where I actually visited, so that I am allowed to express various emotions and the moments that I physically experienced through the journey.’ – Jieun Park

Jieun’s personal feelings are described in the form of painted ink marks or better described as calligraphy, which is instinctively spread and dropped on the surface of the paper. She then starts creating comparatively realistic images of the cities within the abstract ink marks, adding colours to convey the emotions she felt at specific moments of her trip – be it happiness, loneliness or eagerness.

Jieun’s cityscapes are at times dull, yet there is something that shines through; and though there are no signs of people living in the beautiful cities in her works, the expression of light, colour, greenery and skyscapes makes her work alive. She also recalls moments where she felt emotionally overwhelmed and strong feelings of loneliness as she looked down upon the cities from a vantage point. She adds, our cities are changing very fast while we are busy with our lives. Hence, the dull feeling of the buildings portrays the people in hectic daily life, where she believes only meaningless everyday conversation exists.

Artist Profile

Jieun Park is an emerging South Korean artist who graduated with a degree in Fine Arts & Design Advertising from Konkuk University, Korea. Her works have been displayed in various art exhibitions in Korea, Hong Kong, France, and Italy and now in Singapore.


Jieun Park


Chinese Ink, Gold Leaf & Acrylic on Korean Paper


90h x 90w cm