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Artist Profile

Hoang Nghia Hiep, was born in 1958 in Hanoi, he studied at the Hanoi Fine Art Industrial University in the early 80’s. After graduation, he went to Russia’s most prestigious art school: the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry. Hiep returned to Hanoi in 1991 with a Master's of Arts degree and currently lectures at the Hanoi Fine Art Industrial University. Hiep is inspired by the countryside villages and “market days” of minority people in the northern mountains of Vietnam.

He is fascinated by the atmosphere of the mornings in the flower markets, the harvest days in the highland villages, the smoke from peasant kitchens disappearing into the sunset, all those details that reveal the peaceful life of the villagers. Hoang Nghia Hiep does not focus on portraying the faces of the people, he prefers to capture their poses and their movements: They all are on the move, to or from the market, the center of joy and festivities, so different from the common life in the mountain.

In a painterly and distinctly supple style, Hoang Nghia Hiep portrays intimate scenes, capturing moments of vulnerability and genuineness in the everyday life of the women residing in the northern mountains of Vietnam.


Hoang Nghia Hiep


Oil on canvas


80x90 cm