The Truth of the Matter: Y Art Project

Apr 21, 2022 | Jasmine Pegg

Art in daily life has several purposes for its audiences in playing essential roles depending entirely on the individual. To see something that resonates with one on a personal and visual level can provide solace for most people. Be it for entertainment, enrichment, or communication of the self, the idea of simply being creative and reaching out to an audience is the entire essence of a creator in the public eye. That aside, artists put their soul and personality into their work, and the intricacies are observable in the subject or the style. But how does one get their creation into this realm in a world that seems too fast-paced and hectic for enjoyment?

Y Art Project was founded in 2019 by Ying Ji, and since then, they have dedicated their practice to helping artists achieve their vision while bringing augmentations and enlightenment art into their viewer’s lives. They are, at the basis of it, an art consultancy and project-based firm that aim to represent the unique and authentic techniques of various artists. Such purpose stems from their core values that endeavours to present a piece of the artist for the world to see, thus allowing others to resonate with these fragments of artists’ souls and personalities. In this sense, accessibility and viewership on this level is most crucial to Ying.

As well as providing an arena for artists to be seen, Y Art Project offers customised artistic solutions and possesses the ability to turn physical spaces into experiential and visual experiences. Not only are they enthusiastic about providing a pleasant and entertaining showcase to their patrons, but they are also determined to integrate art through unconventional and innovative ways, as observed in the art fairs, pop-up shows, and art events hosted by the institute. Y Art Project impressively carries out these processes without a brick-and-mortar gallery space, making their practice seem even more exceptional.

“We dedicate to bringing art into our daily lives thoughtfully and beautifully.”
- Ying Ji

Greek artist Emi Avora is a part of the gallery’s representation whose fascination lies within the collision points between public and personal spaces. Avora relies on mythological and cultural elements to create synergies and tensions within the subjects in her still-life paintings.

Sunaina Bhalla’s, yet another artist whose works are showcased by Y Art Project, obtained several influences throughout her life which are apparent in her work – mainly her education in the technique of Nihonga playing into the way she uses block printing. Sunaina’s passion remains in medical practices, especially with the idea of deliberately inflicting pain on bodies during the process of alleviating disease and decay.

Finally, Shanghai-based artist Zhu Feng has been awarded several accolades for his work in photography as well as having his work exhibited across the world. His work, Mirror 2071, was resulted from his study of light; by scanning a mirror, several fractions of colours can be observed, even though such pigmentations cannot be detected on the mirror itself.

While providing services for the art community, Y Art Project also aims to help communities that aren’t necessarily practicing professionally. In collaboration with corporate partners, the organisation has hosted events, including an upcycled-art project for the youths in Singapore since 2020. These events encourage children to explore and realise their creativity while also advocating for sustainability goals. Since its initial release, they have engaged over 800 children through this initiative.

Though art can be found wherever we look, it is important to show the public the deeper joys of the creative industry. Especially in a nation that moves constantly, taking the time to enjoy these unique aspects of life could significantly enrich our own. To be able to provide this inherent beauty for their audiences is what Y Art Project is all about – to push the imagination, to appreciate the nuances in personalities, and to be unapologetically true to ourselves – not only as creators, but as the human race.