Curating Conversations: Void Deck

Apr 12, 2022 | Ryan Mario

The scarcity of accessible creative spaces is an impediment to the act of creation in and of itself – or at least in the local setting, such is the case. Art is a delicate idea that shifts and morphs itself around the spaces it is shown in, but what then, when these spaces are not readily available for the artists? Founded in 2021, Void Deck, co-founded by Jazz Li, Cheo Ming Shen, and Jahan Loh, was the solution to the root of the problem by presenting a space that serves as an ideation launchpad, or possibly a penny university for the arts.

Jazz Li is a successful cultural entrepreneur with an overriding interest in how art, culture, and mass media can better interact; Ming carries his weight as a serial entrepreneur and an avid art collector; and Jahan, an early street artist and a candidate of the Andy Warhol foundation whose works have been collected far and wide. In triangulating their expertise and proficiency in their allotted fields, Void Deck was thus, born to service the art industry at the most fundamental level by allowing for conversations to unfold between the creatives who settle within that safe space. Yes, this means that anyone who seeks for a congregation of like-minded individuals will find the arrangement within 425 Race Course Road most fitting for their cerebral needs.

With a primary focus on both local and international artists, Void-Deck strays from a traditional art dealership and centres its pop-up exhibitions around art that transcends the worlds of fine arts and popular culture. This move resounds with the space’s ongoing mission to make art, be it limited-edition prints or highly-sought-after collectibles, more inclusive and affordable for anyone and everyone while debunking the myth that art is meant only for the wealthy. Ultimately, the works shown in the space boils down to three words – “authentic”, “fun”, and “cool”, and they still set departure points for the heady conversations to unravel themselves.

Besides on-site exhibitions, Void Deck further pools in on its offerings by working alongside outdoor venues and real estate companies. On top of that, the trio that started it all are entertaining plans to integrate simultaneous exhibitions in multiple other cities and also in the metaverse, which will come to fruition in the coming months. “I feel that the great cities of today can use more relatable art spaces that celebrate unpretentious art – we are bringing everyone into the world of art – our world is of art, and we are all works of art.” proclaims Jazz Li, then further elaborates, “This is going to be the IT place for international celebrities and artists to chill out and it will also serve as a portal for all kinds of people to access the coolest stuff by the world’s best artists – it is inclusive but exclusive.”

Void Deck will be that unpretentious congregational space where communities can collide into collectives and no one, audiences or artists alike, will have that second thought on whether they will be welcomed into the space. All will be welcomed.