AGAS Introduces New Chairs to Drive Growth and Collaboration in the Art Community

Jul 04, 2023 |

IMMEDIATE -  Press Release 1 July 2023

Singapore, June 10, 2023 - The Art Galleries Association Singapore (AGAS) is pleased to announce the appointment of its new chairs, who will play pivotal roles in guiding and enhancing the association's initiatives and partnerships. These esteemed individuals bring diverse expertise and a shared commitment to promoting the growth and success of the art ecosystem in Singapore.

Kevin Cuturi, Owner of Cuturi Gallery

Kevin Cuturi, Cuturi Gallery, Chair of Planning and Development, will advise on Gallery Weekend alongside marketing, event, and AGAS programme strategies. With his invaluable insights and experience, Kevin will contribute to growth of the association, ensuring engaging experiences for artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts alike.

Alan Koh, Fair Director at Affordable Art Fair

Alan Koh, Chair of Memberships, brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership as he leads the Affordable Art Fair. Leveraging his extensive network, Alan will work diligently to expand AGAS's membership base, nurturing a powerful ecosystem of gallery businesses. By fostering connections and collaboration, Alan aims to strengthen the collective influence of AGAS and amplify its impact within the art community.

Jodi Tan, Gallery Manager of Ota Fine Arts

Jodi Tan, Chair of International Relations, hailing from Ota Fine Arts, will focus on networking with other Asian and international associations. Jodi's role is crucial in keeping AGAS informed about international affairs and trends in the art business landscape. In collaboration with the Vice President, Jodi will also welcome foreign associations in Singapore, while seeking networking opportunities for local businesses abroad, forging global connections for AGAS and its members.

Theresia Irma, Gallery Manager of Mizuma Gallery

Theresia Irma, Chair of Ethics and Professional Practice, representing Mizuma Gallery, will ensure AGAS maintains a neutral stance and equal benefits for all its members. AGAS aims to uphold the highest levels of integrity and fairness within the art community. Her role will be instrumental in fostering trust and cohesion among AGAS members.

"We are delighted to welcome new leadership to AGAS. Each brings unique perspectives and expertise that will significantly contribute to our association's growth and success," said Audrey Yeo, President of AGAS. "Their dedication to driving collaboration, expanding networks, and upholding professional standards aligns perfectly with AGAS's vision and mission."

The new chairs join a dynamic executive committee committed to fostering a vibrant and thriving art ecosystem in Singapore. Together, they will work hand-in-hand to unlock new opportunities, drive sustainable growth, and strengthen AGAS's position as a leading advocate for galleries and art businesses.

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About AGAS: AGAS exists as one voice for art galleries to make representations to various government agencies, arts organisations, media, and the general public both at home and abroad. It is the industry body that governs professional and ethical gallery practice in Singapore and serves to increase public awareness of the roles and responsibilities of art dealers. It is the duty of AGAS and its members to promote art appreciation in the community, enhancing the value and understanding of art and culture in Singapore. We are the leading national body representing the interests of gallery owners and operators in Singapore.