Affordable Art Fair SG 2022

Oct 28, 2022 | Xenia Bapasola

In a triumphant return to Singapore after a three-year hiatus, the Affordable Art Fair marks the art industry’s emancipation from the bile of the pandemic. AAF’s impressive initiative promises to reunite Singapore’s art enthusiasts with a menagerie of enticing artworks and an eclectic selection of participatory events. Affiliated with 80 local and international galleries from 21 countries, the exhibition will include the works of over 550 established and local artists, galvanising the art sector in Singapore.

Founded over 22 years ago, by Director Will Ramsay under Ramsay Fairs UK, the Affordable Art Fair has since built and maintained a familial connection between notable galleries and experienced connoisseurs of the arts, all while maintaining a passion for supporting and appraising emerging talents. The fair has consistently perpetuated a transparent and honest pricing for their works, whereby 75% of which are below SG$7,500 with an upward value towards a SG$15,000 ceiling. That aside, the fair has provided an inviting approach for new buyers to dip their toes into the expansive world of the arts by offering works which are priced below SG$1,000 with no shortfall in quality and excellence.

In preview of what is to be expected in the coming event, 30% of the works presented will include those of fresh, emerging artists and curatorial ventures recognised by the Singapore iteration of the fair due to their novel approach in their art praxis. We can also expect to see galleries of great repute, including Singapore’s oldest gallery, Art Forum, along with REDSEA gallery and Quantum Contemporary Art, which have participated recurrently since the brand was brought to Singapore back in 2010. The works which are to be presented include that of pioneer artists like Cheo Chai Heng, who championed the acceleration of interactive arts in Singapore, together with the exquisite sculptural prowess of Adi Gunawan from Indonesia, the Silk Screen Prints of America’s Shepard Fairey, and Wanlin Jiangs’ extraordinary denim landscapes, amongst many others. The event’s design is diverse in both art and culture, melding together innovative creatives from across the globe in the carefully curated and perfectly orchestrated setting of the F1 Pit Building.

Singapore Fair Director Alan Koh

Apart from the extraordinary exhibition, Affordable Art Fair Singapore invites families and children to frolic with the arts at the Children’s Creative Space where kids’ activities are available, and the Art Studio that engages adults in creative workshops. In this vein, the fair hopes to inspire the artistic spirit of each individual through informative, fun, fruitful means. A GastroPark will also be present at the event to ensure that attendees can enjoy some refreshments or a light meal, and an intermission whenever needed. Affordable Art Fair Singapore has also made sure to support patrons that need to unwind after the difficult work week in its planning of the Arty-licious evening on Friday, 18th of November. Expect a fun, festive evening of music and art to dissolve the stress of the work week and ensure a productive and fresh start to the long-awaited weekend. Part of the ticket sales will be contributed to the fair’s charity beneficiary.

With over SG$3.4 million in sales and over 13,000 visitors in 2019 alone, the Affordable Art Fair has continually grown in Singapore as one of the most awaited art events of the country. “After a three-year break, we are delighted to bring the Fair back to our art-loving audience in Singapore. Galleries near and far have been supportive and excited with the reopening of Singapore from the pandemic, and we are ready to help thousands of artworks find happy homes,” fair director Alan Koh provides his gleeful affirmation. It is the passion and innovation of the team at Affordable Art Fair Singapore that helps reveal an immense thirst for creativity and a massive expanse of artistic spirit here in our Little Red Dot.


F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Blvd, S038975

Date & Time:

18th November (Friday), 12pm – 6pm | 19th November (Saturday), 11am – 7pm | 20th November (Sunday), 11am –6pm

Arty-licious Evening:

18th November (Friday), 6pm – 9pm

Vernissage (by invite only):

Thursday 17 November, 3pm – 10pm

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