Artist-led Workshop | Reductive Monotype Workshop with Yanyun Chen

An empty space.
How do we make sense of the gestures that wipe away, leaving behind an absence heavy with past presence? In this reductive monotype print workshop, we will be exploring meditative mark-making and mindful drawing through additive and reductive methods of printmaking, engaging with active and passive white spaces, and responding to floral arrangements and mythologies.
Learning Takeaways:
1. Floral Arrangements: Draw inspiration from live floral arrangements to infuse with your prints with depth and values
2. Mark-Making: Explore the therapeutic power of mark-making as a form of self-expression
3. Additive and Reductive Methods: Master the art of balancing additive and reductive methods in printmaking
4. Reflections: Explore how introspection enhances creativity
SGD150 (before GST)
No prior experience is necessary! Recommended for ages 12 and above.
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