Be Careful With a Fool

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Be Careful With a Fool

About Artwork

Exploring themes of solitude, concealment, proximity and desire, she presents figures inhabiting constructed scenes and situations that pander towards the uncanny. Rosli primarily works with acrylic and oil sticks, where her tendencies to layer and glaze her paintings comprise multiple iterations of concealing and revealing states of mind apropos one’s physicality. She is known for incorporating recognisable stylised patterns such as stripes, gingham and lattice into her paintings, which serve as an important device for her to anchor the uncanny in and around her characters. Rosli’s figurative manifestations dwell in obscure environments that appear curiously familiar, yielding a certain enigmatic quality to unpacking her psychologically charged works.

Artist Profile

Born in Singapore, Aisha Rosli graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with a Diploma in Fine Art (Western Painting) in 2018. As of last year, Rosli was part of the inaugural roster of artists under c/discoveries, a programme dedicated to supporting young emerging artists helmed by Cuturi Gallery. Her work has since been featured in exhibitions at Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta (2018); Coda Culture, Singapore (2019); Cuturi Gallery, Singapore (2020); Unit London, London (2020); and Art Agenda, Singapore (2021).


Aisha Rosli


Mixed media on canvas


150 cm x 120 cm