Chan + Hori Contemporary


Artist Profile

By looking upon nature and its grandeur, we are constantly reminded of our transient existence and the fragility of mankind in relation to the universe. Jay Ho references organic structures, topographical landscapes and microscopic views to create his works. They bring to mind ancient cave paintings, constellations and geographical boundaries. Textured compositions, these are constructed layer upon layer with calculated chemical reactions - leaving clustered paint trails and marks upon canvas or aluminium surfaces. The works reference creation and destruction, combinations of gloss paint and resin; etching and peeling away.

Striking a balance between control and chance, Jay’s art undergoes colour and surface changes over the duration of the creative process. Another technique he employs is that of mono-printing, whereby he carves into foam boards and adds on paint, printing them onto a single base and expanding upon the work thereafter. The boards themselves are then encased in resin as artworks, a formation of pairs that remind one of cause-and-effect, positives and negatives.


Jay Ho


Acrylic, gloss paint and resin catalyst on aluminium composite panel


160cm x 120cm