ARTPODIUM is an art management company that brings together like-minded art lovers! Whether you are an experienced art collector, a budding artist, art critic, gallery, curator or auctioneer, ARTPODIUM aims to offer you a profound and enriching experience.  Our primary purpose is to acquaint the community with the world of art through diverse art collections, talented artists and the rich history behind the art we showcase. As such, our approach to art is holistic. It includes focusing on art show production, art management, curation, art tech, interactive art education & appreciation, along with supporting art charities.

On ARTPODIUM you can expect to see rare collections of heritage, modern and contemporary artworks by prominent masters, award winners and upcoming artists from Singapore, South and Southeast Asia, Europe and much more! ARTPODIUM features wide and varied forms of art. The website currently displays paintings, installations, drawings, sculptures, lithographs and photographs. We have hosted several exhibitions and fairs showcasing renowned art masters, award winners and numerous upcoming artists. At our shows one gets to meet visiting artists, panel discussions, painting demonstrations, Poetry reading and auctions.

ARTPODIUM has partnered with various galleries, media companies and corporates within the region to bring some exceptional art exhibitions to life. Our events are kept open to the public with the objective of nurturing and encouraging art lovers to not just appreciate the works but also be able to discern between the different styles on display. We work very closely with National Arts council, Business chambers of Commerce, High Commission offices corporates and MNC’s.


1 Holt Road, #11-03, Singapore 249441
+65 98503187

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday - 11am- 7pm

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